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E-posters should be submitted by Monday, 27 January, 2020 via email to

Posters will be displayed electronically on a 42’’ plasma screen in the area next to the lecture hall throughout conference hours. 

Please see below the technical details for preparing your E-poster:


  • The E-Poster should be prepared in a 16:9 projection ratio (widescreen), landscape orientation.

  • The E-Poster should be submitted in a PowerPoint format (ppt, pptx), or as a Graphic file (jpeg).

  • The resolution of each slide/image of the E-Poster should be at least 1920x1080 pixels.

  • Each E-Poster can be prepared with up to 4 slides or images.

  • The full title of the poster and the names of the authors should be shown at the top of the first slide/image.

  • The E-Poster should include a summary of the background, methods, results and conclusion.

  • Please choose a clear typeface. The suggested minimum font size is 20 ft.

  • The images should not be compressed.

  • The graphs should be embedded as images.

  • Effects (animations, etc.) are not allowed.

  • Photographs should be large enough to see relevant detail.

  • Avoid crowding the poster with too much information.

  • Legends in any graphs and embedded images must be legible.


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