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Application is now closed. Applicants have been informed whether their application has been approved. 

ESCMID provides a number of attendance grants for ESCMID “young scientist members”.

The grant covers the registration fee, but not travel or accommodation costs


How to apply

1. Submit your registration for the conference by CLICKING HERE

Please choose "Bank Transfer" as the method of payment in order to check out.

2. Applicants must be registered in the ESCMID system (either as paying member or registered user) in order to submit the application:

a. CLICK HERE to sign up as a registered user


b. CLICK HERE to apply for membership


3. Apply online on the ESCMID website for the grant by CLICKING HERE (see "Attendance Grants" section) 

The following information will need to be included

  • Short application letter

  • CV

Please note the following applicants are not eligible for a grant:

  • Non-members and over 35 years of age

  • Non-members and any previous ESCMID grant received

  • No shows at any ESCMID event when being rewarded with a grant

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