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Dear colleagues and friends,

The Third International Conference will include all Aedes related infections in addition to Zika. Aedes related infections have become a concern and continue to be a global threat: with epidemics significantly increasing in South America and western countries, including Europe being under threat.

Recently Aedes related outbreak of Yellow Fever has been dominant in Brazil and several countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. In addition, although the prevalence of Zika virus is in decline, it is still in circulation around the globe and continues to pose a scientific challenge with numerous unanswered aspects. The disease has an enormous impact on mothers, families, childbearing women and travelers. Despite many published papers there remain a lot of gaps, even though new information is constantly coming to light.

The multi-disciplinary spectrum of participants at the first conference in Washington DC in 2017 and the second conference in Tallinn, Estonia in 2018 contributed to a very fruitful interaction and papers selected for presentation were of a high standard and interest to all.


Our conferences aim to bring together physicians, public health practitioners and researchers in various related fields in order to share knowledge, discuss new findings and new ways to further proceed, with the goal of creating valuable collaborations.


The content of this conference will include: epidemiology and clinical aspects of Aedes related infections, gynecological aspects and follow up with children born to Zika infected mothers. In addition, virology aspects, diagnostic methods, new therapy and vaccine production as well as new methods of mosquito control all will be discussed in the meeting.


It is both an honor and pleasure for us to invite you to attend the upcoming conference in Washington, USA. The conference will serve as a magnificent stage for continuous and constructive interaction to contend with this challenging issue.

Eli Schwartz


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